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Rapler, why you took picture of this grossness!!! Lol 😭😭😭

Plus you interviewed me, but I did it half heartedly.. What did I said again???? Blehhh. Please just edit my ugly face ok (as well as my senseless answer, I think I’m stupid)

And yes, I’m OORer Abie!!!

But i’ll forget all these, because Takeru!!! 😍😊☺️

Yup! So handsome you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️





I wonder if my hearing already got worse or even deaf


as I put on repeat the song many fans despise. “Pieces of Me”
It’s not that pieces of me but at least I don’t dislike it as much as…

M, I think Dessy was saying that part about Japanese fans because a lot of fans outside of Japan didn’t have the song yet and were already criticizing it. At least, that’s how I read it. I don’t think she meant it in a cultural way, just a logistical matter. And I agree with silverznight about the uneven handling of opinions here. I haven’t seen as much outright “UGH I HAAATE IT THIS IS CRAP” as I’m seeing lots of “GAWD YOU ARE ALL SUCH LOSERS THESE SONGS ARE GOLD HOW CAN YOU HATE OUR BOYZZZZ.”

Here, have a new pic, you guys. Feel better and gain some perspective. Listen to whatever OOR song makes you happy, even if it’s not the same song someone else might listen to. 


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